BookFest Windsor and Windsor Public Library – A Natural Pairing

There is never a shortage of books at the library!  Readers of all ages and interests can always find the reading material they are looking for.  Thanks to the partnership between BookFest Windsor and Windsor Public Library, though, readers find something exceptional.

Each year during BookFest, readers are brought face-to-face with authors at the library, to hear them read their works, ask questions and share experiences.  Thanks to BFW and WPL, authors bring so much more than their books when they visit libraries in the area.  They bring the stories behind the stories and the tales that aren’t contained in the pages of their books.  Author visits at the libraries entertain and educate young and old alike with their inspiring talks, motivating us all to love reading that much more.  And it takes place in a setting where all members of the public feel welcome.

Reading is taken to a whole new level when audiences are in the presence of authors like Kenneth Oppel, Richard Scarsbrook, Kevin Sylvester, and Alexander MacLeod.   The next time a reader picks up a book by one of these award-winning authors, perhaps he will think of the story about how the idea came to the author, or where the author was when he learned his book would be published.  The characters are more life-like, the settings more personal.  The distance between reader and author is shortened.

Kevin Sylvester's fans getting the personal touch.

Kevin Sylvester’s fans getting the personal touch.

Sharing stories.  It’s what BookFest Windsor and Windsor Public Library are all about.

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