Where We’ve Been (2) – Why I shall come every year: BookFest Windsor and the community

In this short series, local author Carlinda D’Alimonte shares moving insights about enjoying BookFest Windsor over the years.  This section offers a look at how BookFest Windsor has worked with our community.

The festival has been gradually evolving through its work with other local groups, such as the University of Windsor and Windsor Public Library.  It has introduced an expanded Francophone program and reached out to our youth with an annual writing contest and school visits.

In my capacity as a teacher, I had the pleasure of introducing a number of authors and graphic artists to high school students, something schools could never have afforded to do.  I’ve seen in the faces of our students that they recognize the value of this exposure too.  They know when they are welcomed into the special world of those who create great art.  This kind of exposure demystifies it, makes them see they are a part of it, and opens them up to ideas and possibilities.

Reading of any kind, whether it’s poetry, fiction, or non-fiction, with or without graphics, feeds the brain and the soul.

The festival’s strengths have remained consistent even as it has evolved to new possibilities.  Bookfest not only pulls us into a local cultural core, it pulls the national and international world of books and writers to us.  What an enlarging experience from both an individual and community perspective. 

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