Where We’ve Been (3): Why I came last year

In this short series, local author Carlinda D’Alimonte shares a moving insight about enjoying BookFest Windsor over the years.  This section gives a glimpse behind last year’s successful event.

Most recently, there were many unforgettable moments at BookFest 2013.  The audience was mesmerized by a panel discussion lead by Paul Vasey that hit some truly fine, high notes in its discussion of historical writing.  Margaret Atwood respectfully informed an audience member that while she could not undertake to write his story, he might find a ghost writer among the audience members or through the Writer’s Union of Canada.

Eleanor Catton discussed with Karl Jirgens her self-doubts while writing her Man Booker Prize winner, The Luminaries. And Tom Dilworth read powerfully the elegant prose in his new work of non-fiction, David Jones in the Great War.
I felt nourished, revived, and inspired to undertake my own creative work.

Nothing does more to inspire a love of books and an understanding of the people who create them and the process by which they create them.  Reading of any kind, whether it’s poetry, fiction, or non-fiction, with or without graphics, feeds the brain and the soul.
Its strengths have remained consistent even as it has evolved to new possibilities.

Bookfest not only pulls us into a local cultural core, it pulls the national and international world of books and writers to us.  What an enlarging experience from both an individual and community perspective.

Bookfest reaches out to us, you and me, and makes us richer in our appreciation of literature and all the arts; it enlarges both our individual and collective cultural spirits.
What a gift to us all.

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