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  • BFW16 Nathan Adler

    BFW16 Nathan Adler

    Nathan Adler is a writer and an artist who works in many different mediums, including audio, video, film, drawing &…

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  • BFW16 Joanne Arnott

    BFW16 Joanne Arnott

    Joanne Arnott is a Métis/mixed-blood writer and arts activist, based in Richmond, BC. Author of six books of poetry and…

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  • BFW16 Gary Barwin

    BFW16 Gary Barwin

    Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, and multimedia artist, and the author of 20 books of poetry, fiction and books…

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  • BFW16 Josef Bastian

    BFW16 Josef Bastian

    Josef Bastian is Midwest author and poet whose sense of humor, depth of spirit and reflective imagination resonate within his…

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  • BFW16 Johnnie Christmas

    BFW16 Johnnie Christmas

    Johnnie Christmas is the co-creator of the #1 NY Times Best Selling graphic novel series ANGEL CATBIRD (with acclaimed writer…

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  • BFW16 Charis Cotter

    BFW16 Charis Cotter

    Charis Cotter is an award-winning writer and storyteller. Her novel, The Swallow: A Ghost Story, won the IODE Violet Downey…

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  • BFW16 Nick Cutter

    BFW16 Nick Cutter

    Nick Cutter is the national bestselling author of The Troop and The Deep, and is a pseudonym for an acclaimed author of novels…

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  • BFW16 Craig Davidson

    BFW16 Craig Davidson

    CRAIG DAVIDSON was born and grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, near Niagara Falls. He has published three previous books of literary…

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  • BFW16 Cherie Dimaline

    BFW16 Cherie Dimaline

    Cherie Dimaline is an author and editor from the Georgian Bay Métis community. Her first book, Red Rooms, (Theytus Books,…

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  • BFW16 Jan J. Dominique

    BFW16 Jan J. Dominique

    En Haïti, Jan J. Dominique a travaillé comme éducatrice et journaliste à Radio Haïti Inter. L’assassinat de son père en…

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  • BFW16 Rhonda Douglas

    BFW16 Rhonda Douglas

    Rhonda Douglas is the author of Some Days I Think I Know Things: The Cassandra Poems (Signature Editions, 2008) and…

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  • BFW16 Bob Duff

    BFW16 Bob Duff

    Currently the sports columnist for the Windsor Star, Bob Duff has covered the NHL since 1988 and is a contributor…

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  • BFW16 Jenny Kay Dupuis

    BFW16 Jenny Kay Dupuis

    Dr. Jenny Kay Dupuis is of Anishinaabe/Ojibway ancestry and a proud member of Nipissing First Nation. She is an educator,…

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  • BFW16 Meags Fitzgerald

    BFW16 Meags Fitzgerald

    Meags Fitzgerald is a prairie-born, Montreal-based illustrator, graphic novelist and performer. Her first graphic novel, Photobooth: A Biography won the…

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  • BFW16 Melanie Florence

    BFW16 Melanie Florence

    MELANIE FLORENCE is a Cree/Scottish writer currently based in Toronto. She is the author of Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Residential Schools…

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  • BFW16 Anne Fleming

    BFW16 Anne Fleming

    Anne Fleming’s latest book is poemw (yes, that’s spelled right, er, wrong). She’s also the author of Gay Dwarves of…

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  • BFW16 Marty Gervais

    BFW16 Marty Gervais

    Marty Gervais is an award-winning journalist, photographer, poet, playwright, historian, editor and teacher. In 1998, he won the prestigious Toronto’s…

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  • BFW16 Douglas Gibson

    BFW16 Douglas Gibson

    Douglas Gibson, editor and publisher turned author and performer: After more than 40 years as what the Globe and Mail…

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  • BFW16 Michael Kusugak

    BFW16 Michael Kusugak

    Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak grew up in Repulse Bay, NWT (now known as Naujaat Nunavut). He traveled with his family by dog…

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  • BFW16 Perinne Leblanc

    BFW16 Perinne Leblanc

    Perrine Leblanc est une écrivaine québécoise née à Montréal en 1980. Titulaire d’une maîtrise en littérature, elle travaille dans le…

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  • BFW16 Lazer Lederhendler

    BFW16 Lazer Lederhendler

    Lazer Lederhendler is a full-time translator based in Montreal and specializing in contemporary Québécois fiction and nonfiction. His translations have…

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  • BFW16 John B. Lee

    BFW16 John B. Lee

    In 2005 John B. Lee was inducted as Poet Laureate of Brantford in perpetuity. In 2007 he  was made a…

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  • BFW16 Catherine Leroux

    BFW16 Catherine Leroux

    Catherine Leroux was born in 1979 in the Northern suburbs of Montreal. After holding various jobs she became a journalist…

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  • BFW16 Dorothy Mahoney

    BFW16 Dorothy Mahoney

    Dorothy Mahoney is the author of two poetry collections, Through Painted Skies and Returning to the Point. Her poetry has…

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  • BFW16 Alexander MacLeod

    BFW16 Alexander MacLeod

    Alexander MacLeod’s first book, Light Lifting (Biblioasis 2010), was a finalist for the Giller Prize and the Frank O’Connor International…

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  • BFW16 Dakota McFadzean

    BFW16 Dakota McFadzean

    Dakota McFadzean is a Canadian cartoonist whose work has appeared in Mad Magazine, The Best American Comics, and on Funny…

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  • BFW16 Mary Ann Mulhern

    BFW16 Mary Ann Mulhern

    Mary Ann Mulhern is a former nun in the Roman Catholic church who left the convent to become a teacher…

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  • BFW16 Paulina O’Kieffe

    BFW16 Paulina O’Kieffe

    Paulina is a Toronto spoken word artist, producer, and artist educator. The Founder of Guerrilla of the Word Productions and…

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  • BFW16 Michael Prior

    BFW16 Michael Prior

    Michael Prior’s poems have appeared in many publications across North America and the UK. Winner of The Walrus‘s Poetry Prize,…

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  • BFW16 Jonathan Pinto

    BFW16 Jonathan Pinto

    Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Jonathan Pinto moved to Windsor in 2012 to join CBC Radio’s Windsor Morning, where…

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  • BFW16 Nino Ricci

    BFW16 Nino Ricci

    NINO RICCI’s first novel, Lives of the Saints, won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, the SmithBooks/Books in Canada First…

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  • BFW16 Bob Steele

    BFW16 Bob Steele

    Bob Steele is the Host of CBC Radio’s Afternoon Drive. Bob has been with the CBC for 25 years first…

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  • BFW16 Richard Scarsbrook

    BFW16 Richard Scarsbrook

    Richard Scarsbrook is the author of eight books, including his most recent, Rockets Versus Gravity. His short stories and poems…

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  • BFW16 Olive Senior (IFOA Lit On Tour)

    BFW16 Olive Senior (IFOA Lit On Tour)

    Olive Senior (Canada) was born and brought up in Jamaica and educated in Canada at Carleton University. Her work is…

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  • BFW16 Kevin Shea

    BFW16 Kevin Shea

    Kevin Shea has followed his passion for hockey into a very successful career. He is the Editor of Publications and…

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  • BFW16 Karolyn Smardz Frost

    BFW16 Karolyn Smardz Frost

    Karolyn Smardz Frost is an archaeologist, historian and award-winning author.  In 1985, her excavation of Canada’s first Underground Railroad site…

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  • BFW16 Veta Smith Tucker

    BFW16 Veta Smith Tucker

    Veta Smith Tucker is a literary and public historian and an educator. She taught African American literature and African American…

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  • BFW16 Carolyn Marie Souaid

    BFW16 Carolyn Marie Souaid

    Carolyn Marie Souaid is the author of seven books of poetry and the editor of over a dozen. Her work…

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  • BFW16 Jordan St. John

    BFW16 Jordan St. John

    Jordan St. John was National Beer Columnist for Sun Media from 2011 to 2015 and writes under his own banner…

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  • BFW16 TeaJai Travis

    BFW16 TeaJai Travis

    Teajai Travis is a grass roots community activist and artist. He is the founder of The Bloomfield House, Open Space…

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  • BFW16 Paul Vasey

    BFW16 Paul Vasey

    Paul Vasey is the author of about a dozen books—non-fiction, short stories and novels—including the critically acclaimed A Troublesome Boy,…

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  • BFW16 Lisa Xing

    BFW16 Lisa Xing

    Lisa Xing is the host of CBC Windsor News. She studied journalism at Carleton University and the History of International…

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